Welcome to Anderson One's Gadget Virtual Tour!


What is a gadget virtual tour?

The gadget virtual tour will allow you to explore some of the tools that can be used to enhance classroom instruction. Each tool will include a description of the item, instructions for use and ideas for the classroom.

Who can take the tour?

Any teacher, teacher aide, or staff member can take the tour. The tour will help teachers in all grades and subject areas, as well as all experience levels.

How do I take part?

To participate in the tour you will need to sign up in Coursewhere, explore each gadget on the list, and use at least three of these gadgets in a lesson. Participants will use the state department's lesson plan template to create three lessons using at least three of these gadgets and will post comments reflecting on the lessons.

What are the gadgets?

  1. cell phones
  2. digital camera
  3. digital video recorder
  4. ereaders
  5. gaming systems
  6. iPads
  7. iPods
  8. Playaways and audio books
  9. QR Codes
  10. SmartResponse
  11. Smart Slate
  12. Smartpens
  13. webcams